The Future of Technology

The interview in which took place between a fellow student and I evolved around the topic of technology and architecture, as she is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Architecture. The casual conversation formed on the basis of talking about the future of technology and how this will impact of the world. I started off by asking, how do you see the future of technology progressing? Her response being, “even when looking at the achievements of technology today the success rates are monumental! The evolution of technology has shaped by the present human lifestyle. Technologies have become a way to communicate, navigate, a form of entertainment and a way to experience the world. Technologies in some form now catalyze us for easier, better result as can be seen used in factories to developed products faster and cheaper. Based on the progress of technological advancement created, it can be said that technology will manifest itself more into our daily routine. We will become more independent to its feature that helps to create a ‘shortcut’ through life. “

This continued into how is this beneficial / not beneficial for the world? She replied with, “as technology advancement is a constant, the ability for one to ‘keep up’ with the newest product can be exciting and somewhat concerning. This could also be a downfall into how we more forward, as if one reject the implementation of new technology; he/she could be left behind while the world moves on to the next big technology breakthrough. One’s choice can affect the drive for technology down but it can also be a downside when technology becomes the replacement for work (mainly factory jobs). Through this we lose the authenticity and the unique stamp of the product. Though by saying that moving forward with technology is a negative thing is naïve. There will also be a increase demand for technology to help to develop products that minimizes problems or create solutions to new/ existing issues. Technology already have a huge grip on everything we do, it can also help us to reach further, to create better, more unique world.”

I decided to end the conversation on a note about the future of housing, as this is something of interest to me, as well as I thought it would be a topic known to her, as it would be relevant the her current studies. I asked, what do you think the future of housing will be like in a densely populated area such as China? Her response was, “it is no surprise that the current state of china’s housing is poor. From noise and air pollution, to poor hygiene and uncomfortable cramped living spaces, these are the current state has created an almost unlivable form of lifestyle that millions of residences have to endure on a day-to-day basis. Looking at its current state, if nothing drastic has been done to reduce the population or no new ways to improve the level of livability, residence in China may suffer further with the current issues especially air pollution. This can result with the decrease in health standards therefore being forced to live in poor health standards, this can decay the image of china for its current residence as well as its tourism stamp in the industry will be tarnished due to the negative outlook. “

From conducting this interview, I was able to gain a perspective on issues that are in their simplest form, yet seen from someone else’s eyes. Even though some of the responses didn’t end up being as to what I expected or thought she was going to say, it was a process that concluded resolutions on the future of technology from a different perspective to which I found interesting.




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