Her Vs Inception

In a time of immense change, the forces of life, pressure society into a world where love can only be seen as through the accepted norms.

This is something that is explored by the cinematographic hands of Spike Jonz, within the movie, Her, as he depicts the socially clashing relationship of a human and an IOS system. The notion of creating an ideal companionship with something that doesn’t physically exist, is a possibility that Jonz sees for the future, as the bond between characteristics is greater than the need for physical attraction. Jonz manages to create a world in which contradicts the utopian perspective of the future, as the advanced interfaces of technology are taking over the way people interact with one another. A point rose by Don Idhe in Philosophy of Technology, “a narrative which is encapsulated in a quasi mythology which argues that with the rise of science all previous superstitions, false beliefs, and, sometimes implicitly, sometimes explicitly, religions have been deconstructed” reiterates this idea of the societal adaptation towards technology as an accepted norm.

This can be contrasted as to in the film Inception, where, Christopher Nolan questions this, as he illustrates a utopian illusion of a relationship that once existed, though only coming into reality through filling a dream with the subconscious of an individual. This concept Nolan has created defies the idea of future technologies progressing to enhance new relationships that have been pre determined but yet into a world where relationships coexist with previous memories that may not evolve out as expected. This idea is further emphasized in the film, as with the architecture depicted throughout highlighting the ever-evolving subconscious of the characters, as they use their minds to bend and manipulate the cityscapes into worlds that seem uninhabitable compared to reality. Though with this freedom comes destruction, as the more you change things the more people within this world will want to attack you. This point made by Nolan in the film I see to taunt at the idea of the way in which we continually abuse the introduction of new technologies just for the benefit of our own needs, without thinking of the repercussions.

This idea I would compare with the philosophies established in Her, as the notion of living within a world that is accustomed to the needs of an individual, can be seen as destruction towards the mentality the humans. The loss of interaction between people could be the downfall of society, as everyone is so self-consumed within their own bubble, people will forget the pivotal logic of communication. I see this as the deterioration of love, as eventually no one will know what or how to express love, as it has obliterated by technology.

Within both these films, they each interrogate into the notion of love and technology, as through projections of the future, to which highlight how ones perspective can be controlled by their mindset dependent on their surroundings.



Ihde, D. (1993) ‘Philosophy of technology: An Introduction’, Philosophy of Technology, 1(1), pp. 47–66.


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