A lovely Interview

Interviews are a highly effective method of primary research, allowing exploration into an individuals personal life or gaining their perspective on a certain topic. Often, interviews allow for a very different angle towards a particular idea and result in conversation being established through challenging or conflicting beliefs. This is particularly evident when participants are of varying age, gender, demographic, social status, religious beliefs etc. However, in conducting my own interview regarding the future of love, I wanted to explore opinions based on experience and purely personal beliefs, by choosing a subject who is comparable to me in all the stated factors.

In doing so, I interviewed Isabel Stojanovska; 19 year old fellow Visual Communications student. I decided to start with questions based around the cliches of love, such as the idea of ‘love at first sight.’ Isabel clearly stated that she herself was not a believer in this ideal and stated that “Love is a manifestation over time” and thus, this commonly accepted notion was simply a “sense of lust or pure desire.” It was quite refreshing to hear this opinion and reinforced my own personal thoughts on the topic which challenged the stereotypical response of young adult females.

When introducing the idea of dating within our current technological climate, dating apps such as tinder are often the topic of choice. Isabel expressed her own thoughts on the topic as having previously objected to the idea, though detaching herself from the stigma surround such methods of dating as a result of their legitimate functionality. She states that these apps allow for “more options and choices” and are more ideal within our “busy and fast paced lifestyles.” This concept ties to another topic of mine, the idea of dating and relationships in both historical and future situations. Isabel believes that technology has definitely sparked a shift in the way people communicate, as evident through social medias, whilst aiding some interactions such as long distance relationships. She also mentions a change in societal beliefs surrounding the goal of an idealistic nuclear family, as impacted by the significant factor of age. Isabel states that marriage at a young age is no longer common and the idea of marriage itself may be likely to decrease in popularity over time.

In the interview, I also brought up the idea of blind dates and if Isabel herself would be inclined or opposed to taking part in one. She mentions the playful aspect of this scenario and how it would remove presumptions prior to meeting the person which would be a definite positive. Isabel also relates this to the notion of ‘types’ and how people have their own established preferences regarding appearance/ interests/ status etc. I am also highly opinionated on this topic, as I believe it is highly unfair to place a persons worth in one minor aspect of their characteristics; physical composition.

Upon conducting this interview, it has become quite apparent that Isabel and I have a similar outlook on love. This may be attributed to our demographic similarities or simply the era in which we were raised, nonetheless, It was highly rewarding to gain the insight of another fellow female on the exponential topic of love.



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