Interview with a Child about the Future

This interview was done with my brother. He is 11 years of age and I thought of interviewing him because as a child born in the 20’s, technology was available for them. From when he was small, he was able to play with technology unlike for me, board games, outside games was my childhood. Another reason that I chose to interview my brother was because as a child, he has a bigger and broader imagination that I cannot see or think about it. From a research, (Sloane P, 2015) it is said that children mostly does not know what isn’t possible where everything is capable of being done.

The first question that I asked him, ‘What do you think about technology in the future, how do you think it will change?. This question was answered straight forward with things that he want and seen on television or games. Flying cars, robots and jetpacks. After I explained more about this question and start telling out my ideas to him, he opened his mind and looked more deeply. He talked about that technology will be used more easier, all is readily available like playing games while lying on bed. The virtual reality glasses wont be there but the whole room will change into virtual reality where the bed is the main place to control everything. Things like no need to go to school where after changing into school uniform, the bed will automatically become the surroundings of the normal classroom from school.

Second question was to create his own world in the future. By imagining what he will be doing from waking up in the morning till going back to bed at night. He created kind of a story where it can be seen or read in children books and teens movies. From the early morning where he wakes up, there is this button beside his bed. This button moves the bed towards the wall and pushes him down to a tunnel which he slides down. Getting down towards the bottom there will be breakfast readily made from the robot that cooks in his kitchen. This was already being auto picked by the favourite breakfast menu he had done. Going to work there is a jetpack ready or a flying car that allows people to fly around without traffic or traffic lights. Reaching the destination, he said he wanted to become a video game designer and as his workplace he tries out all these different games to see how it works, interact and if it is enjoyable. All of these are now virtual reality where he has his own big room that can be gravity free. This is how his normal day will go and everything is used by technology.

I also asked, how will he get time to interact with me and our parents?, Will you look after and get free time to find us, or spend more time together? because of the technology that you imagined, will it be a problem in the love and care of other people around you?

In these questions, I had found out it was a bit hard to look at because of the future that he created, he looked into what he enjoyed the most and didn’t realised about how these technology will blind him in interacting with people that is close to him. He said ‘Yes’ there will be free times where he can be with the family. But how will it happen when life will be surrounded with technology and work? and looking at virtual reality, i think if people get used to it, normal life will be boring for them. The only answer that I got from my brother is taking Saturday and Sunday off from work to be with friends and family. At the end, he added that he wouldn’t want everything that he said to come true because he figured out that it will affect some of the things that he will not be able to do now. Even though that is his future imagination, he still will want some own space of being as a human.

-Hao Yun Lan (Carol)


Sloane. P, 2015, ‘Why are children so much more creative than adults?’, Destination Innovation, viewed 26 October 2016, <>



One thought on “Interview with a Child about the Future

  1. Really good idea to interview your little brother to get a younger perspective on the future of love! It was great to see how the cliche of robots is an actual belief for so many people. I also really liked the research about why children are much more creative than adults. It’s almost sad to think that it’s because adults are much smarter and find the flaws in an sort of stretch of the imagination.

    – Luisa


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