In class today, as a group we were given the task to design products or services through prototyping. We were given 4 objects and had to create products or services for our 2050 scenario. The blog post titled ‘Stop Motion’ showcases this scenario. The 4 object we were given where a tape measure, coffee cup, chair wheel and a steel ruler. Below show our 5 creations using these 4 items.

(1) Robot to water garden bed20161007_125048.jpg



(2) Camera to monitor child, which can be viewed on the kitchen splash back20161007_132816.jpg



(3) Virtual reality room for child20161007_132911.jpg



(4) 3D printer in fridge (which prints food selected on the front of the fridge)20161007_132931.jpg



(5) System to water vertical garden20161007_132945(0).jpg




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