Stop Motion

Here is the stop motion of our 2050 scenario for Assessment 2. This stop motion shows an example of a persons ‘journey to find love’ in a 2050 scenario located in Sydney, Australia.


One thought on “Stop Motion

  1. It really shows how technology allows for the house to be a place where people not only live but work as well – this means people spend more and more time in where they live

    Future technology is now a part in our lives and it will be more advanced that people can stay at home everyday and work. The place where you live in, you can do everything. Spaces automatic changes for preferences, easier communication and because of the internet, social media works to interact with friends which is free as well. Remote work place will feel like talking to someone face to face and this would make people want to work remotely .Home is where people can get comfortable in and where you have what you need.

    Reports also states that people enjoys more at home then outside. It saves up money, interaction with each other closely with family members, and gains satisfaction and emotional reward (Randy White, 2009).

    It also shows ‘missing love and compassion’ due to the loneliness in her house and lack of human interaction – finds love which will always be consistently the same idea – human connection

    The main character in the video gets lonely, where she will go on sites to find a partner to date and do something different once in a while. As technology allows her to interact with friends over the internet, it does not have the same ability to express the same feeling of facing someone face to face. Love will be a rise that is found on dating sites, different kinds of sites that wants people can interact with, like the smell dating site (instead of looking at the appearance, interacting with another person’s smell to find one that attracts you).

    People think about love will be the same. From the first blog post that we all did, ‘what do we think about the term love’, we all have this one whole idea, caring for someone more than yourself, sacrifice for another person either if its good or bad, occurs through many forms in everyday society without being intentionally noticed. All is linked to one, it is the human connection where we find love and we believe that there will always be consistently the same idea in the future.


    White, R. 2009, ‘The future of leisure time: the new value equation’, White Hutchinson, Leisure and learning group, viewed 28 September 2016,


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