The Future of Love

The notion of love is something that can be comprehended amidst the varied cultures of the world. The form of expressing ones feelings can be interpreted through multiple symbols and languages, as one can understand such communications even though their understanding may not reach the individual level of intellect of that particular language. The concept of love expands beyond the idea of romanticism, as it occurs through many forms in everyday society, without being intentionally noticed.

Events are broadcasted internationally depicting the lives of others, to which display the affections shown by people in circumstances that may only have the sense of love left in their life. This is something that corresponds within everyone to some degree, to which I can interpret through my perspective of love, from the understanding I hold. How this is shown, though, depends on the individual’s own ability to display a sense of empathy, as I think this is an aspect of love that I consider to be of significance. Particularly in the world we live in today, as in order for the future to evolve into a population where people can co exist peacefully, one must acknowledge the values of another.

The future being a place of uncertainty, invites the idea of love, as it is something that occurs naturally without pre-determined conditions. The unexpected nature of love epitomises the perception of the future, as no one really knows how the world will advance. Though the ever-changing technologies of today, I do believe will play a part in the way we communicate love, as the impacts of technology on society are already apparent. Impacts, in which I think, are both negatively and positively showing within the world, as people are so immersed within their own superficial world, sometimes are oblivious to situations or alternatively, more aware. I think that people’s sense of morality is sometimes diminished with the recent rise of technology, as events that were once seen as confronting, are now just accepted as being part of our lives. This being reflective of the way we converse with one another, as the sense of interconnectivity between humans is lost, as with the introduction of digital interfaces.

The ever-evolving world we live in, I see to be one that continues to grow with love being at the core of it. As people evolve with it, the perception of the future may only be imagined, as the vagueness of what is actually to come, will be unknown. The ideologies behind the future is something to which I can only grasp through what I know being in the present, though by foreseeing into the future with the knowledge of the past, I think that future scenarios will be able to be created. I can only hope that with the presence of our love for technology, we are able to make greater decisions in how society progresses. As to what extent can the forces of love change the course of the future of how we know it today?


Image Cred: Jasmine Dowling


One thought on “The Future of Love

  1. Your idea of love expanding beyond romanticism is a highly valid point which is evident in our daily lives. I think it is important for individuals to acknowledge love as more than an act or an expression but also an emotion and a driving force behind everything that we do. Once we have done this, it is easier to accept the world as it is and work towards bettering it. Love causes people to think before they do things and consider the consequences of their actions. Love is more than the special bond shared between two people but also the reason charities and funds exist. I think it is very important that you have been able to identify love as a complex notion with many layers and understandings.

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