‘Future of Love’ Explored Through Film

The concept ‘future of love’, is an area which is quite complex and can be explored in many different ways. One way many people find themselves sharing their thoughts and predictions on the idea; ‘future of love’, is through film. Film is a strong technique which can allow individuals to really get a sense of the perspective some people see the world is heading towards. This may sometimes cause hope or even despair. Two movies which really capture this idea ‘the futuring of love’, is ‘Her’ (2013) and ‘Avatar’ (2009).

‘Her’ directed by Spike Jonze is a movie which highlights the futuristic idea of love through technology. The movie is about a lonely man who becomes in love with his operating system. This at first was quite a shock when I heard about the plot. As the movie progressed further, I began to believe and see the opportunity for this idea to actually come to life. This movie plays on the modern day idea of how people spend so much time with operating systems now a days, that feelings of love can arise. One of the main questions that arose about ‘love’ for me, was that this man only fell in love with his operating machine as it served his every need. This man didn’t have to give anything in return to gain its love, he merely just had to exist and take as much as possible from it. This makes me wonder, maybe the director did this on purpose to highlight the disillusioned and quite selfish love that can arise when people focus on loving technology rather than other people.

‘Avatar’ directed by James Cameron is a film which explores the concept of technology, greed, power and love. This film is set in the future and is about a human society trying to take power over another species which is not as technologically developed and live through the land. This film explores how future technology can give humans more power and access to things that they might know how to deal with. It is only through certain characters love and compassion for the other society, that this corrupt power can be stopped. This movie really made me question that even though the future will open up more opportunities than we have seen before, will people at the end of the day really just seek than human love and compassion for one another?

In summary, these two films ‘Her’ (2013) and ‘Avatar’ (2009), really highlight the concept ‘future of love’. Both films are similar in a way as they question how futuring technology can sometimes leave humans left lonely and greedy. Love in these two films, is the component which helps the characters find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. This then begs the question as to, will the future ever change this concept of love, or will love always be this theme which stays consistent throughout human evolution?

– Tom


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