Visuals that Creates the Future

Nowadays there are a lot of movies, films, books are produced that looks into the future life. Possibilities of how the way we live will change overtime. Just like the famous movie “Back to the future” where there are some technologies that was invented after this movie got screened. Some of these are the wireless video games, 3D movies, tablets and one of the popular inventions seen is the Hoverboards that is shown to the public at the end of 2015. This shows that people are creating the future seen from visuals by the storied that is produced from other people.


Another movie that can look into the future and love is ‘‘In Time’’ (2011) directed by Andrew Niccol.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.41.08 pm.pngIt shows another possibility of life. Aging gene has been switched off and people must pay to stay alive to avoid overpopulation. Time is life, time is the money and currency where you can earn time when working but selling time for goods and services. Thieves steal money and timekeepers control the society. It is set in a poor society where this system is being inserted on people’s wrist and shows the count down of time. As a scientific advance place, it is common to see dead people on the street. In this future scenario, technology is ruling the society. It shows how the citizens are being manipulated using this item to work for their own living. Love can be seen in the family where some would sacrifice their time to save others whereas some people steal in order to get immortal life.

It is a probable scenario where some parts of the movie will be true in our future. For example there are less work for people to do and most likely it will be a crowded place. More people may cause more crimes and suicide matters. Money is now a need for everyday life and is a part of life. Earning money to gain a better living and spending the money to be able to live.

For the movie ‘Her’ it also shows the advance of technology but in a more realistic view of the future as operating systems are being advanced. It shows how people can be able to communicate with technology and how they are able do the work over the Internet and network. After watching this movie, it made me think about what is being developed today. Robots are now capable of matching human emotions and ability to do the same work as people. Robots that can do care giving and personal assistance, using hands and feet like human, developing human cognitive, a companion for people etc. It is recently seen on news that most rich Japanese household have their own robot at home, for doing house chores or being as a part of family that can talk with when feeling lonely. These technologies are produced to help a better living for people, which can be both advantage and disadvantage to the society. As an example of advantage is that it helps people in need and disadvantage of less work for the public.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.55.55 pm.png


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-Hao Yun (Carol)


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