First Impression

What is love? For me I always believed it was when you cared for someone so much more than for yourself, and this has shaped my viewpoint to this day. It can either be by loving another person, an idea or a inanimate object. But it is just that feeling of wanting the better of something else than one’s self, and wanting to be around it or them, as it would give you more fulfilment or happiness. It is only through delving more into this idea ‘the future of love’ I have explored the many examples of love, and how this shapes everything within our lives. Love is a concept we strive towards, and this in turn links to the idea of ‘the future’.

The concept of ‘the future’ is an idea which I have never fully delved into. I only ever think of the future as something to hope or strive towards, but have never really explored the concept. I have always expected things to happen in the future based on the past. Only through exploring the concept of the future, I realise how unpredictable it is and how it doesn’t matter what information you have, nothing is certain.

A text by Sohail Inayatullah called “Six pillars: futures thinking for transforming” describes the way in which future thinking works and why it is so important to do so. The text lists the importance of looking into the past to learn where to improve for the future, but still suggests the uncertainty in the future. “Futures studies seeks to help individuals and organizations better understand the processes of change so that wiser preferred futures can be created.” (Inayatullah, S., 2008). This quote really signifies the importance of future thinking and why it is seen as a type of wisdom or strength to be able to do so.

The concept ‘futuring of love’ is an interesting discussion point. Is it that technology will change and modify all our traditional understandings and perceptions of love? Or is it that maybe we never really understood love, and future developments will help explain what this concept is really about. The more I explore this concept ‘the future of love’ the more I will discover about the two themes ‘future’ and ‘love’ and how these two intertwine.

At the end of the day, I believe as humans we all seek to the ability to find something to love and to be loved in return. It doesn’t matter what or who it is, we just need that acceptance and compassion. So when I think of the subject ‘the future of love’ I am interested to see what the plans might be for the evolution of love, but the other question is will it ever change, or will love always be a common theme throughout human history, which is so apart of our natural make up that it can never truly change.

– Tom


Inayatullah, S., 2008. Six pillars: futures thinking for transforming. Foresight, 10 (1), 4-21.


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