The future of LOVE? what is this? Are we learning how to love? as in romantic love? how people love each other? or is thinking what will love become in the future?. These questions hit me when i first got into my subject group about future love. How will this subject help me in my major of fashion design? Well I got my answer after the first week of class, my ‘Love’ class. As a designer we all learning to create something that will be used after one or two years or more. Creating a trend that people will start to follow. Firstly I need to love what i am doing, being able to help people   in loving their clothes that they wear which involves with being comfortable, being pretty/handsome, and being confident in what their wear.

Love has changed from the past till now, from the olden days where great grandparents usually say that there was no phones to be able to call each other but using their free time spent together was the love that they have. After technology is introduced, people wanting more money which is said that it is a need in life to survive, people start to understand that love is the support, someone who is willing to stand by your side no matter what happens, accepting of who you are and what you do for them. The most important love that I feel is family love because of the support and no matter what happens they are always there. No matter the bad things, no matter of what difficulties you are facing and how angry that they will get because of some reasons, they will still be your family and still be supporting you. I believe that this love will still be the same in the future.

We all have something that we love, love for family, love in technology, love in food, love in work etc. These love have things that are related to design. Designs are basically looking into the society of the needs and wants. It makes us people get closer and communicate with each other. In the lecture by Professor Chris Riedy of the Institute for Sustainable Future, he said that we create the future, but when this is discussed in class, it is more accurate to think that creativity, innovation and people who leads people into new designs are the ones who are making others to follow and adapt to the new ways of living. This can be seen in the reading ‘Six pillars: futures thinking for transforming’ (Inayatullah, S. 2008) which is said that new futures are challenged by the used future. Instead of imitating, people innovate the future of what it looks like. Innovations that can be social, political, cultural, spiritual or technological, it changes designers to imagine and inspire people to work towards it. Technology is a huge impact to the future where it becomes a motivation that more different designs can be easily made out and that the impossible becomes possible.


-Carol Lan


Reference list:

Inayatullah, S., 2008. Six pillars: futures thinking for transforming. Foresight, 10 (1), 4-21.


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